You ran out of my favorite food today! Aaugh! Can’t you make more?

We’re sorry we ran out.  Since we cook and bake daily, we can’t just pull something out of the freezer and toss it in the microwave.  As we service our locations over time, we learn what you and your fellow customers like best, and we’ll make more of those items on future visits.

I noticed you don’t serve “normal” mobile food vehicle fare, like burgers, tacos, etc. Why not?

We certainly eat our fair share of burgers and tacos, and we enjoy them.  But we want Full of Goodness to provide meals that are more akin to something you’d cook at home if you had the time.  We also try to keep sodium, fat, and other “undesirables” to minimum levels whenever possible without sacrificing appealing texture and taste.

Do you only accept orders online?

Our aim is to provide a service that respects your time and maintains a clean cooking and serving environment.  We can accept orders at the window, but that requires you to stand in a long line and requires our staff to handle money or credit/debit cards.  As a result, we try to make ordering convenient with a few clicks of a mouse.

Do you serve at events?

We haven’t yet scheduled any events, but we’re certainly open to them.  If you know of an event that you think would be a good fit, please let us know.